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Cheque Factory is a simple program which will allow you to print cheques in different languages (Arabic, English and French) and in different currencies (dollars, pounds, euros, and denarius).

The creation process for each cheque is done in three simple steps: First we will have to choose the format we want for our cheque and the currency, secondly we will be able to configure parameters like the date and the recipient, and on the last step we can see the result before saving it.

The program will also allow us to acquire images of cheques directly through a scanner, being able to alter things like type, size or colour of the writing afterwards.

Some of the information on the cheque can be transferred to the program through files in plain text format, Xbase, FoxPro, Excel, Access or MySQL, being able to save the information again in its original format.

To avoid undesired problems, Cheque Factory has a password protection system which will allow us to restrict access to other people.

Cheque Factory is a simple tool, quite easy to use and comes with a tutorial and manual in PDF just in case. So if you need to work with cheques, this program is everything you need.

Added a welcome screen for immediate getting started with direct access to the online help, the user manual, consulting examples provided and the 12 video tutorials performing the main features of the program.


Trial version functional for 30 days.